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Location Recommendations for Everyone
When you want to
find the most interesting things to do during your vacation, explore your neighborhood from a fresh perspective, let friends and family know about your latest discoveries, keep track of your favorite places, or just don’t miss the action,
Spoticle has you covered.
How it Works
Spoticle makes location recommendations easy and fun!
Everything starts with a Spot. You can create Spots wherever you are. Add photos and a description to spice it up.
Spots can be grouped into Maps. You can have a Map for everything that matters to you. Your vacation, your favorite places, you name it.
Profiles let you find and share all your public maps with the world. But you can also keep your Maps private or share them with your friends.
What the Press Says
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In der App “Spoticle” können die Besucher die verschiedenen Sehenswürdigkeiten finden und kommentieren.
Ainsi, il peut facilement partager son expérience personnelle autour d'un lieu avec d'autres utilisateurs.
Le Quotidien
Le passage du Tour de France sera l'occasion du lancement de l'app Spoticle..